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Why MonSolar?

Because MonSolar wants to offer an efficient solution with guarantees in technical as well as economical areas. MonSolar supplies a complete range of services: turnkey projects, engineering, installation, put into operation and maintenance.

Specialists in land photovoltaic system.


Experts in renewable energy


From study to delivery


... and the user guarantee

Recent works

Our latest works

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  • Alzira ( Valencia )

    Grid-connected photovoltaic system 67,62 KWp
  • Valencia (Valencia)

    Solar thermal system
  • Alzira ( Valencia )

    Grid-connected photovoltaic system 119,6 KWp
  • Bourne (Inglaterra)

    Installed Power: 5,755 KWp
  • Algemesí (Valencia)

    Solar thermal system
  • Burton (Inglaterra)

    Installed Power: 9 MWp
  • Wellingborough (Inglaterra)

    Installed Power: 8,5 MWp
  • Ketton (Inglaterra)

    Installed Power: 9,001 MWp
  • Alzira (Valencia)

    Grid-connected photovoltaic system 119,6 KWp
  • Balsicas (Murcia)

    Grid-connected photovoltaic system 686,88 KWp
  • Valencia (Valencia)

    Solar thermal system
  • Cullera (Valencia)

    Solar thermal system

MonSolar we create future

Growing together since 2004

What we do today, it will affect tomorrow

For that reason Monsolar bets on clean energy respectful with environment to improve people’s life.

Monsolar was born with this principle and it still is. Since 2004, three young professionals in renewable energy sector decided to found MONSOLAR.

Many things have changed since then but they are always loyal to this principle.


To be leaders is not our objective, but leadership is the result of being sure of what is important.

MONSOLAR wants to offer you the last technology in order to obtain the best working in renewable energy.

To sum up: for us you are the most important thing.

And for you and all our costumers, we do a continuous effort to install the most innovative technique, used by the best specialists with high qualifications and specialized in their own area, obtaining a big profitability and being respectful with environment.



MONSOLAR provides its costumers with efficient solutions in technical and economical areas with the use of new technologies in renewable energy.

We carry out an effort to guarantee a complete service turnkey from engineering to installation, put into operation, maintenance and guarantee.

This effort and the results obtained till now, has placed us at the top of this sector.

A series of values was born when MONSOLAR was founded. They are the basis and the energy we work upon to do our daily activity.


We use new technologies to satisfy the energetic needs in our society, being responsible with environment and providing profitability to our costumers.


The happiness of our costumers for a well done job and the results obtained.

Innovation as a tool to develop our company.

Research of maximum quality in product and services.

A sustainable development in all our processes and activities.


Continual progress. This premise includes being always in movement; innovating and offering new products and services, strengthening all the scopes (areas) and services. In conclusion: improving everyday.

And then, there was Light!

Get the sun energy and turn it into electrical energy.

It seems easy but it needs advanced technological systems which enables this transformation.

In MonSolar, we have experts with great experience in doing projects, installation and photovoltaic systems maintenance of which electrical energy can have different application in household, industrial or public.


About MonSolar

Address: Avda. Dret de Manifestació 1.
Polígono Industrial Tisneres
46600 Alzira (Valencia)
Phone: 962.402.747
Fax: 962.416.641
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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